Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

I have a backed up copy of a project, however I do not know which version of CitectSCADA this project was backed up and saved as. I need this information to restore my project to the proper version of CitectSCADA. 

Rename the backed up project extension to .ZIP. Unzip the project and locate the Project.CIT file. Open this file with Notepad.

The Project.CIT file will show the following information:

1. The Name of the Project
2. The Date and Time Stamp of when the Project was originally created.
3. Compiled or UnCompiled
4. For CitectSCADA versions before 5.50 the information is LIMITED and will ONLY show the version of CitectSCADA the project was originally created in.
5. For CitectSCADA versions 5.50 and higher the Project.CIT file will show the last CitectSCADA version the project was running in.

In the Citect ToolBox Miscellaneous Utilities you can download "Get info from Project.CIT file in Cicode" file to read the Project.CIT file in runtime.

Project.Cit file Citect Version last compiled