Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.10, 6.10 Service Pack A, v7
  • CitectHMI 6.10, 6.10 Service Pack A, v7

How can I install CitectSCADA version 6.10 silently?

There are several options for installing CitectSCADA version 6.10. You can choose between totally silent and different levels of interaction.

The command line options are:

setup.exe /v"/q[n|b|r|f]"

Setup.exe is a wrapper around the CitectSCADA msi installer
/v passes the arguments inside the quotes that follow to the msi package.

Quiet mode options for msiexec.exe are:

/q [n|b|r|f]

The /q option is used to set the user interface level in conjunction with the following flags:

q or qn creates no user interface
qb creates a basic user interface

The user interface settings below display a modal dialog box at the end of installation:

qr displays a reduced user interface
qf displays a full user interface
qn+ displays no user interface plus dialog to acknowledge on completion
qb+ displays a basic user interface plus dialog to acknowledge on completion

REBOOT to suppress reboot after installaltion
INSTALLDIR To install to an alternate location
ENGLISH_COMPONENTS to only install English components
CITECT_COMMON_APP_V601 to install data files to an alternative location
FIREWALL_CHOICE to bypass firewall modifications


1. To install CitectSCADA server and display only the basic installation dialogs plus a completion dialog to acknowledge
"\\Server01\CitectSCADAV6.10r0\citectscada\setup.exe" /v"/qb+"

2. To install CitectSCADA server without dialogs.
"\\Server01\CitectSCADAV6.10r0\citectscada\setup.exe" /v"/q"

3. To install CitectSCADA server silently to non-default location and supress reboot and firewall modification
"\\Server01\CitectSCADAV6.10r0\citectscada\setup.exe" /v"/qr REBOOT=ReallySuppress INSTALLDIR=\"C:\\InstallFolderName\\\" ENGLISH_COMPONENTS=\"\" CITECT_COMMON_APP_V601=\"C:\\test\\MyData\\\" FIREWALL_CHOICE=\"NotModify\""

1. The backslace character is used as a control character which indicates the next character is part of the included string, hence you need to have double backslashes as the path separators.
2. CITECT_COMMON_APP_V601 is the correct syntax (not a typo).
3. The results of the installation are written to a file called setup_return.ini which is stored in the path specified by the %TEMP% environment variable with the following contents:

CitectSCADA Server=TRUE
CitectSCADA Client=TRUE

Thus you can check if the keys exist in this file in order to determine if the installation was completed successfully. 

Version 7 update:

In V7, there are minor changes on the parameters, qn, qn+, qb and qb+ are not working as the way that we expect, please use qr.
Moreover, pleaes make sure Microsoft .Net 2.0 and Sentinel driver are pre-installed, otherwise the installer will wait for user's confirmation to install them.
A sample batch code may look like this:
“"C:\Documents and Settings\Coby\Desktop\V7.00r1\setup.exe" /v" /qr REBOOT=ReallySuppress INSTALLDIR=\"C:\\InstallFolderName\\\" ENGLISH_COMPONENTS=\"\" CITECT_COMMON_APP_V601=\"C:\\test\\MyData\\\" FIREWALL_CHOICE=\"NotModify\""”