Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx, 6.xx

Does the from Kingfisher driver provide event trend backfilling in CitectSCADA v6.10?
What should I look out for when configuring event trend backfilling through the Kingfisher driver?

Event trend backfilling have been tested to be functional in CitectSCADA v6.10 using the file from the Kingfisher driver v1.00.05.001. More documentation is available on Citect driver web, detailing procedures on how to set this up.  The following needs to be in place otherwise trend backfilling will not work:

1) The trend tags configured to be backfilled from the RTU must have the same name as the variable tag.

2) Each trend tag has a unique filename field and no trend tags are pointing to the same disk file.

3) You must have the following parameters in your Citect.ini file:


(This should be the folder where your Kingfish.dll resides, the folder shown above is an example)

4) The following function is run at system start up TaskNew("RTULogProcessing","",0);

5) If you are using Citect V5.41, the ‘’ cicode file from the User\Include folder must be deleted. The ‘DNP.dll’ and ‘DNP.dbf’ driver files from the Citect\BIN folder can also be deleted. These files need to be deleted because the same function names are used in the Kingfisher cicode file ‘’.

6) Make sure the necessary devices required are configured in CitectSCADA (refer to the Kingfisher Citect Driver User’s Guide v1.16)

7) Make sure an event logging Variable Tag is created. This is used by the functions in as a pointer to the last event log uploaded from the RTU.

8) Ensure that the various parameters defined are specified back into the KFRTU cicode functions. 

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