Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.XX
  • CitectHMI 6.XX

I have some analog alarms and I have set HIGH alarm properties on some and on others have both HIGH and HIGH HIGH properties. On my mimic page I have added text animations to display the value of these alarm properties - the HIGH and HIGH HIGH boundaries for the alarms. In runtime, the animation returns a nonsense value (such as +/- 3.4e38) if the analog alarm does not have a value for the relevant property.


I have created an alarm with HIGH value of 50.

I animate alarm trigger values.

These display like this in runtime:

Why do I see the 3.40e+038 value?

I want to have the same animations for all of my alarms and would like to see something like "disabled" displayed if the alarm does not have a trigger value for a particular state. I do not want to hide the animation using the object visibility properties.


The exponential values that you see are explained in the Help topic "Supported Alarm properties".

One way to achieve your desired result is to use two animations, one superimposed on top of the other.

Let us demonstrate for the High High alarm below.

Create one On/Off text animation for the "disabled" text:

Then create a separate numeric animation for the value:

And in this case set a visibility property so the animation is hidden when the property is not set.

Superimpose these animations.
If you do this for both High and High High alarm values in your example where there is only a High value set, then this would animate like this in runtime: