Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 6.xx


Currently the address http://localhost/CitectSCADA is navigating to a page which lists our deployments, we do not want the operators to see this page, and instead, be taken directly to a chosen / hardcoded deployment.


The default HomePage of the http://<ServerName/CitectSCADA address will be a file called Default.htm in the WebServer directory.
Using the standard installation, this default page contains a list of all deployments. When you click on the deployment you want, it will take you to an address, depending on your Deployment name and aceess rights, similar to:
In the event that you want all your operators to go one of the deployments by going to http://localhost/CitectSCADA, and not see the deployment listing, it is possible by creating a new default.htm

* Firstly, in your WebServer Installation directory, rename the original default.htm page to admin.htm or another name that an Administrator can remember. This can then be accessed in the future from the following address: http://localhost/CitectSCADA/admin.htm
* Open Notepad and enter the following text, substituting your URL for the one in this example.
<TITLE>Citect SCADA WebClient</TITLE>
<STYLE>BODY {margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}</STYLE>
<IFRAME height=100% width=100% src="http://localhost/citectSCADA/scada.htm?DeployDir=61Test&ProjectName=test&ClientCAB=610/">

* Save the file as a Default.HTM and put this in your WebServer directory. (instead of saving as TXT, select 'all file types' and save as default.HTM)
These are all the steps required on the WebServer
On the client:
* Delete your IE cache, and navigate to the address: http://localhost/CitectSCADA

Note you are taken to the WebClient instance, and that the full URL is hidden from the End-User, as Http://localhost/CitectSCADA remains in the address bar.


Default htm html webserver webpage