Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 6.xx

The WndGetFileProfile() cicode function does not work properly when calling this function from the WebClient. I have placed my user defined .INI file inside the MISC.ZIP file to be passed to the Web Client, however the function still does not pull the information requested from the user defined .INI file. My arguments look like the following: WndGetFileProfile(Name(),"Startup","menu","UserDefined.INI") 

The WndGetFileProfile() Cicode function is requesting information from your specified .INI file ( UserDefined.INI file name used here for demonstrative purposes), however when calling this function from the WebClient, the WebClient searches for this UserDefined.INI file located in the Windows Directory. By default the information passed from the MISC.ZIP file is expanded into the RUN directory. So in order to use this function you will need to pass the UserDefined.INI file inside the file (See Whitepapers / Web Client - Quick Start guide in the Knowldege Base for more information on the AND when calling WndGetFileProfile() within your project you will need to specify the [RUN]: location within the arguments of the function as seen in the example below:


Refer to KB article Q4484 with regards to how Citect interprets [CtEdit] properties on the WebClient.

If the [RUN]: parameter is not used then and a full path to the file is not specified then Citect searches for the UserDefinied.INI file in the Windows directory.

After making these changes make sure to run the Citect Explorer / Tools / Web Deployment Prepration. Next, log into your WebServer from the Web Browser window as the WebClient Administrator and select to "Edit the Deployment" / Project Name and click "Apply Changes" so the new settings become applied.


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