Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 6.xx

At runtime, when I use a System Keyboard Command designed for text entry, a tooltip-like object with my keyboard input is being displayed next to the currently highlighted object.
However, the text I am typing in does not have anything to do with the object.
How can I prevent his from happening?

There is no way to un-highlight an object at run-time. Disabling the display of tooltips won't prevent the keyboard input from being displayed.

A work around for the issue is to open an "input" popup window when the key initiating the keyboard input is hit.
Then, the user needs to type in the keyboard input, and press Enter.

Using a popup window has the effect of putting the focus on the new window and removing the focus from the currently highlighted object so, the tooltip won't appear any longer.

Below are a screenshots of the issue and the suggested work around:


Note: Using the [Page]KeyEcho ini parameter with a specific AN will only have the effect of duplicating the keyboard input tooltip: keyboard input will be displayed next to the specified AN, as expected, but It will also still be displayed next to the currently selected object.


unhighlight, object, graphic page, text entry, keyboard input