Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 6.xx

Some common PSDIRECT communication problems. 

1.  With the ISO protocol check to see that the Siemens ISO transport is installed, I see the message in the bottom window “failed to open ISO channel 1”

The ISO transport is not correctly installed OR there may be a problem in the registry and the driver is not using the correct Ethernet card.

2.  The read TSAP setting defaults to “R=0;S=2” which means read the CPU in Rack 0 Slot 2. This is Correct for an S7-300. On a S7-400 with 2 slot power supply, meaning the CPU is in Slot 3, this should be R=0;S=3.

The Slot is the slot number of the CPU, NOT the CP 443 card!

3.  If you have 2 CitectSCADA’s communicating to a S7-300 the third CitectSCADA connection will fail. By default the S7-300 has 8 communication channels: 2 for step 7, 2 for SCADA, 4 for PLC-PLC. This configuration can be changed in later model CPUs. The S7-400 seldom encounters this problem because it has 8 connections

4.  If you see the message “Failed to open ISO channel 1” , you need to install the ISO transport layer (read the driver help document  - setting up the PC).  In addition you need to make sure the driver is using the correct ethernet card/adapter

Special considerations for S5 & TI communications
The S5 Setup is VERY specific, & more complex than S7 setup.  You have to setup EXACTLY as recommend in the driver manual & examples. The chances of it working with a differing configuration for another software setup is slim.  Luckily you can add additional Connection "Jobs" to the CP card & run the new system in parallel.


- In the driver help file read the section "Setting up the hardware" where there are screenshots & step by step instructions.
- in the driver zip file there are example PLC & CP card configs in the directory "PLC" 

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