Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 6.xx

How can I pass a String of Text using Super Genie Association, without it treating the substituted value as a Citect tag, and trying to substitute the value of the tag.

This is useful when:

* Some functions require the Tag name, not the Tag value
* Sometime I want to pass in the heading of a SuperGenie, without saving this value to a STRING tag.


In order to pass an actual String of text (not the value of a STRING tag) to a SuperGenie, you need to use the following format:

" ' This is my Text String ' "

(The spaces above are just to illustrate the " and ', so when you use this, without spaces, it will look like:)
"'This is my Text String'"

And on your SuperGenie, the value ?STRING 1?

i.e. to use the AssPage() Command to pass a string (in this case, the Name of a Trend):


NOTE: It is important to note the syntax. the SG_Trend is the name of the page, and is surrounded by " marks.
NOTE: The Trend1 etc. are surrounded by " marks AND ' marks. This will use SuperGenie substitution to parse a string instead of a Tag Value. i.e. "'Trend1'"


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