Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

SNMPII was not properly supporting the use of INCLUDE projects. A popup box is presented that the SNMP variable file was not found. 

This now is resolved and the former citect.ini setting [SNMPII]ComSettingsInInclude=1 is no longer needed.

However, a new citect.ini is needed. This is [GENERAL]VDBCheckDBFChange=0 .

This has been fixed in V2.7.8.0 of the SNMPII driver. This version is shipped with v7.1.

If you are using OID based tag drivers (e.g. OPC) with this version of SNMPII you should ensure any tag changes in the project are compiled as one level of checking is removed by the VDBCheckDBFChange=0 setting.

If you are running a post-v7 project, you can set [GENERAL]VDBCheckDBFChange=0 without much precaution, as drivers like OPC, ABCLX, no longer use the VDB interfaces. 

SNMPII Include projects