Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA  7.xx

What changes need to be made to the PAGING Project (v3.84) for use in CitectSCADA Version 7.00? 



The changes required are related to the "TagInfo()" function that is deprecated in v7. Instead the function "TagGetProperty()" needs to be used.


Also the function "PagingSystemStart()" must be configured as the startup function in order to enable paging. This was previously done via "[Code]Startup" parameter in the Citect.ini however this parameter has also been deprecated in v7. Instead the user must use one of the following parameters to enable "PagingSystemStart()" on startup:







The paging project code uses [Alarm]Server = 1 to determine if the current node is an alarm Server. [Alarm]Server = 1 is depricated in CitectScada V7.0 onwards. Since the code for the paging project relys on this parameter to work, the parameter needs to be applied on the alarm servers where the paging project is configured to run. 


Paging Project does not support Multi-Process. Paging Project is also not supported in a Multi Cluster Environment.


There is now a version of the Paging Project - v4.01 - which supports CitectSCADA v7.xx. Please contact Citect Sales to discuss purchasing options for the new version.

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