Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA  5.xx, 6.xx, 7.xx


I need to set [CtEdit]AnsiToOem to 1, as I am using special characters that will only be recognized with OEM coding.
However, since I have set this parameter to 1, I cannot log on to my application any more.

This is because Citect encrypts the passwords by using special characters. This issue is dicussed in KB Q3759.  


There is a work around for this.

1- The issue will ony happen if you manually edit the dbfs. If you edit your forms within Citect (leaving the AnsiToOem parameter set to 0), then Citect will read them as they were entered.

However, if you try to open any relevant dbf file, you will find "garbled characters" in them. This is not to worry about as Citect will read them correctly. Please refer to the Example project (German.dbf) for a practicak example.

Note: A tool from the "MyCitect toolbox" (CitectLanguageDbfConverter) is available to make it easier to edit the dbf files with foreign characters.


2- On a more general note, every time you wish to change the "[CtEdit]AnsiToOem" parameter, you should shutdown your project and force a compile.

This will ensure that the user will always be able to log on, regardless of the value of the AnsiToOem parameter.