Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.x thru 7.0


There are a couple of approaches to send SMS texts to a mobile phone from CitectSCADA.

There are many services available which offer an email to SMS gateway. (eg ) where for example you simply send your text in an email to Citect provides email capability via the mail cicode functions such as MailSend().

The other approach is to use what is refered to as the "Alarm Paging System". This product is basically a CitectSCADA project like any other which you include into your existing Citect project. It is then configured to connect to either a regular modem (where it sends the message via a special service number) or a GSM modem (which sends the message directly, using the ‘GSM 07.05 PDU Text’ standard)

Its primary function is to forward alarm messages and incorporates full escallation schedules (where if the alarm is not acknowledged within a certain time then the message will be sent to a different phone) however it also allows for SMS of any text that you want.

It should also be noted that using the "alarm paging system" together with a GSM modem allows CitectSCADA to recieve SMS messages which can be processed however you like.