Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • IEC Drivers 870-5-104 & 870-5-101


Citect does not sell and support IEC driver 870-5- 101. If you require any help on this driver you should contact MicroSol directly - at

We sell and support IEC driver 870-5- 104 driver only. Customers have to pay a speciality support fee on it before we provide any support.

Few Facts on this 104 driver

1) The 104 protocol (CT305141) works only as a Master or viceversa could it be run as a Slave. Looking into the manual it seems to be only Master. 
    Our 870-5-104 is only a Master. Creating a Slave version would mean writing a new driver (as can be seen by our MBSLAVE driver being different to the MODBUS driver).

2) If it is only Master, is possible to develop the Slave Modality? In this case we want to know the price and timing. 
    This is not currently in the schedule.

3) Is the File Transfer Function is already supported or not? 
    No, the file transfer function is not supported.