Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx, 7.xx


The PSDirect Back-End Driver does not switchover to my redundant PLC, when the heartbeat count stops (eg when I stop the PLC.)
The driver does change over if the power supply to the rack is switched off or the ethernet cable to the comms module is removed.



The Backend does not switchover in this case, the Heartbeat feature operates only at the Citect front end level.
In addition, at this time, you cannot command the back end driver to switch over to backup connection.

The latest version of the Backend 7.10.53 now supports manual switching of backend connection.

There is no equivalent of the Heartbeat monitoring in the back-end driver, but the user can implement this through Cicode and the new manual switching functionality.

The v7.10.53 back-end driver is currently available on the ProScada website, but not yet DriverWeb. Details of this new functionality is available in section 10 - Using the debug addresses of the documentation.