Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA  6.xx, 7.xx
  • CitectHMI  6.xx, 7.xx


I would like to use the multi language feature within Citect. I have placed the Russian.DBF in the Bin directory with the Russian equivalents of the English characters and am using this Cicode function to change from English to Russian during runtime.


ParameterPut("Language","LocalLanguage", "Russian");

ParameterPut("Language", "CharSet", "204");

SetLanguage("Russian", 204);

When I run the Cicode function during runtime or place parameter in the citect.ini manually I get garbled results, meaning the characters are not the correct Russian characters.



Excel assumes the DBF file is using the same local language as Windows, so opening foreign language DBF files results in garbage for anything other than English characters or characters in the language Windows is set for.

Use the Citect Language DBF Converter to convert your DBF files to an XLS format. Modify your XLS file (add the Russian Characters) then use the Converter to convert the XLS back into the DBF format. This utility converts Citect language translation DBF files between dBase III and Excel (8.0) format for easier editing regardless of language and can be found on our website under the toolbox section.