Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

Removing a License Key during runtime from the primary server will show an error message "Software Protection Failure" and will not allow the Standby server to take over unless the message is acknowledged. So how can i make the primary server shut down without the error?    


If you want the Primary Server to shutdown without the error message to be displayed "Software Protection Failure", and then required to be acknowldeged, so that the Standby Server becomes active, and so that all of the display clients connect to the Standby Server. Then you need to have the following parameter defined in your Citect.INI file:


This parameter will disable many system error messages and "Software Protection Failure" is one of them.  Please use caution when enabling this parameter as this may potentially cause the Primary Server to crash after the Standby Server takes over control. It is suggested that the following parameters should also be enabled in the Citect.INI file as well, in order to make a smooth transition from Primary to Standby. 



These parmeters will ensure that the primary server shutsdown when a key is removed during runtime and that the Standby server takes over control without a system crash occurring.