Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v6.x, v7.x
  • CitectFacilities  v6.x, v7.x

TimeScheduler doesnt work even after it has been properly setup.  


We need to make sure that:

1.Citect.ini file is in the windows directory (In V7.1, the Citect.ini file must be in the Config directory)
2.The Citect Server is setup as an Alarm Server
3.The Time Scheduller Cicode files and CtTimeSchedulerOverRides have to be copied into either the project's directory or the include project's directory. 
4.The Cicode function TmSched_Start_Update is called during Startup as shown below


5. In V7.x, the startup code has been changed, and the startup code is the cicode function StartScheduler. In multiprocess mode, this should be applied to the client process.
6. In V7.1, an appropriate user must be logged in at run time for the Time Scheduler to work, or V7.1 security features are switched off([LAN]SecureLogin=0).

  Time Scheduler