Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • Driver


The Kingfisher driver can return error "Driver 00000259 (0x00000103)" when a write is initiated while having WriteWaitMode=1 in ini file. This error code is now intercepted and retried by the driver after a 1 second delay. This will be retried a number of times depending on whether the connection is a TCP conneciton or a serial connection. In the case of the serial connection, the number of retries is limited to the retry= value. In the TCP case, the number of retries is limited to the TCPTimeOut= keyword. TCPTimeOut defaults to 5000 (5 seconds) and so the deault number of Message Buffer Full retries is 5.

This version of the driver also corrects many TCP and serial connection issues such as failing to reconnect after a TCP connection has been lost.



The message buffer full condition is a transient recoverable error reported by the RTU. The Kingfish driver retries the request again in one second.

No known workaround other than to apply a different version of the kingfish driver. The first non-experimental version of the Message Buffer Full processing is been introduced in v1.00.08.008 of the driver. Please note that v1.00.08.008 was never actually released but the fix for this error is included in subsequent versions of the Kingfish driver.
TCPTimeOut defaults to 5 seconds. Below is an example of setting the TCPTimeOut to 10 seconds.