Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx, 7.0

How can I decrease the number of files of my existing trend tags without loosing the data?  


Tools needed **: BatchTrnExportCSV.exe,

1. Make a backup of all the trend files.
2. Run BatchTrnExportCSV.exe and export all the <trendtag>.HST files (This will create a <trendtag>.csv file in the trend data directory)
3. Delete all the existing trend data leaving the <trendtag>.csv files.
4. Make changes to your trend tag (e.g. decrease number of files).
5. On a graphic page create a button with the following function TrnImportCSV(); in the input/touch tabs.
6. Save pack/compile and run the project.
7. Run the Cicode function (on the button), navigate to the <trendtag>.csv file and import them individually.
8. Assign the pens on the trend page, they should now contain previous data with the new modifications.



** The tools can be downloaded from our website login >> Citect Toolbox >> CitectSCADA Utilities, Trend >> “Tools” are located in here


Note 1: The method above should be tested before applying to a real time environment.
Note 2: If you wish to increase the number of files ONLY to an existing trend tag without loosing data then the TrendExtender tool could be used.