Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

How to determine if the [CtEdit] RUN or BACKUP paths are being used?  


There are two ways to determine if a client is using the RUN path or the BACKUP path as specified in the [CtEdit] section of the Citect.ini file.

The first method is to use the kernel to check each of the include project's paths.
1. Display the kernel
2. (Main Window) Type page rdb
3. (RDB Window) Use Page Up/Down to find the section _include.include
4. (RDB Window) Type "V" for verbose mode
5. (RDB Window) Use Page Up/Down to view each of the project paths

Alternatively you can use Cicode to determine the current run path.

Knowledge Base article Q3017 provides further details regarding setting up file server redundancy.