Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx, 7.0
  • VijeoCitect 6.xx, 7.0
  • Nexa 6.xx, 7.0

What is the maximum number of Trends that we can have in a CitectSCADA Trend Server?  

Prior to CitectSCADA version 5.31, the maximum number of trends per Trend server was 8000. For CitectSCADA version 5.31 up to 6.10 the limit was been increased to 32000. Now, with CitectSCADA version 7.0 and Clustering, you can cluster your trend servers and run multiple trend server processes from the various clusters on the 1 PC. Therefore, there is no theoretical limit to the number of trends per trend server machine. However, in practice, performance limitations will exist.