Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.XX, 6.XX, 7.0
  • VijeoCitect 5.XX, 6.XX, 7.0
  • Nexa 5.XX, 6.XX, 7.0

What is the maximum number of trends that we can display on a Trend object?  

The maximum number of Trend pens that can be displayed on a trend object is 8. With the introduction of the Process Analyst which is also capable of displaying trend data as well as alarm related data, the maximum number of pens that can be viewed simultaniously has increased.

With the Process Analyst, 16 pens is the recommended maximum (300 samples per pen) . Limit for the process analyst is based on the unique colors that an average human eye is able to differentiate at a glance. It is also based on the performance comparision with the older style trend object.

Note: Process Analyst will allow users to add more than 16 pens, however this may affect performance.