Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

Sometimes you get Software Protection Failure in Laptops with USB keys when they are undocked or on computers which doesn't have a ECP port. The key is read fine in Ciusafe window but not recognised in Runtime. This happens only when the Laptop is undocked or if the computer doesn't have a ECP port. The safenet driver requires the ECP port for initialization even when running from a USB key.

NOTE: This is applicable for desktops too. Known model to have this problem is HP Compaq dc7800p Ultra-Slim Desktop  


Follow the following steps to fix the issue.

Please make sure you already have a backup copy of the project and also the USB key taken out.

1) Undock the Laptop if its docked.
2) Download and Run SSDCleanup.exe from the link which also removes the CitectSCADA software.
3) Reinstall Sentinel Protection Installer software probably the latest downloaded from the Sentinel website.
4) Restart your computer.
5) Attach USB SafeNet Sentinel key.
6) Run SuperProMedic.exe, The Advanced Medic tool can be downloaded from the Sentinel website. This is to check if the driver is properly installed.
7) Make sure the Medic recognizes the key and there are no errors.
8) Install CitectSCADA whichever version you were running.
9) Run Citect Explorer and goto Help-->Citect Key Update. Make sure the key is recognised in the ciusafe.
10) Start up runtime and it should recognise the Sentinel Key.