Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.0


The InfoForm() function does not support the Variable Tags "Address" field for v7.0

InfoForm for v6.1 (image)

InfoForm for v7.0 (image)


The "Address" field was removed from the form as it used to be retrieved from the Variable.dbf file at runtime, pre CitectSCADA v7.0, and currently CitectSCADA no longer provides runtime access to the Variable.dbf file. 

CitectSCADA v7.1 is intended to resolve this issue, as f uture plans include adding the variable tags "Address" field to the Variable.rdb (Runtime Database file) file.  CitectSCADA v7.1 now accesses the "Address" field information from the Variable.rdb file instead of the Variable.DBF file.