Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00, 6.10, 7.00


The IODeviceInfo("IODEVICE",10) cicode function does not seem to function correctly on the Standby IO Server.

On a normal redundant system, when both (Primary and Standby) IO Servers are running, the IODeviceInfo() when executed using the Standby IO Device name and type 10 on the Standby IO Server returns a value of "2", indicating that the device is Standby which is correct. However if the Primary IO Server is taken Offline, the function continues to return the value of "2" instead of "1" which should indicate that the Device is running.


The behaviour described is correct. When the help refers to an IO device as being 'standby' (e.g. " 2 = Standby - I/O device for this I/O server is online and a standby unit") it is describing the fact that that device has been configured as a standby device in the compiled project. Thus, at runtime, both mode 1 & 2 are identical, except that at compile time one device was configured as a primary device, and the other as a standby device.