Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I am struggling to install my PKTX / PKTXD Card and I would like to know more about CIKT / WINRT and how Citect installs this Card / Driver.   


Trouble-Free CIKT

Components that are required for CIKT to function

WINRT - 3rd-Party Driver Platform, by BlueWater Systems, which our CIKT driver utilises.
CIKT - The Citect Board-Level Driver (like COMX and TCPIP)
ABTCP or other supported IO Driver - The Citect IO Device-Level Driver

'PKTX/B' Support

Firstly, there was some confusion over the term, PKTX/B, due to the common reference to the PKTX and PKTXD cards.

  • PKTX cards are Single Channel PCI KTX Cards 
  • PKTXD cards are Dual Channel PCI KTX Cards 
  • PKTX/B are just PKTX cards, but the hardware is 'Revision B'. From CitectSCADA's point of view there is no difference in installation, it is just slightly different at a HW level, but interacts in the same way. 
  • Hence, the current driver supports PKTX/B cards.

Windows Versions / Compatability


Due to recent Windows system updates for Windows 2003 onwards, WINRT has been prevented from functioning. This security update is included in the Windows 2003 R2 release, h ence, CIKT currently does not work on Windows 2003 R2 or higher (or pre-R2 with that security patch installed). However, CIKT will work on a fresh Windows 2003 non-R2 version, without system updates installed. It is my understanding that Allen-Bradley's software is also affected by these system updates.


For CIKT to function on XP, version or higher of the CIKT driver must be used.  

Troubleshooting Installation

CIKT Installation process, what is happening?
Please refer to the attached PDF where I have thoroughly documented what is occurring during the 3 restarts that Citect requires

32 PCI BUSes Limitation
CIKT_2.02.08.000 and below can only install cards in the first 32 PCI BUSes.
The 'PCI BUS' is a motherboard resource, and not directly related to the number of PCI Slots. The below screenshot is from a PC that only had 1 PCI slot, yet it was assigned to the 33rd PCI BUS.
As a result the below PC would never be able to install a PKTX card via a CIKT driver lower than

The PCI Bus number can be checked via the Device Manager, shown below. If you are trying to install a PKTX card with a PCI BUS higher than 32, and a version above is not available, please contact Citect Support.


Other Installation issues

  • Make sure that the CiKT board is the first entry in the BOARDS.DBF
    • This is a limitation of CIKT drivers including and prior to v2.02.08.000
  • Ensure you do not have RSLINX installed, always press ‘NO’ to the ‘Found new Hardware Wizard’

If you accidentally installed drivers, you need to uninstall them:

  • Uninstall driver - Shutdown PC
  • Remove Card
  • Boot PC
  • Shutdown PC
  • Install Card
  • Startup PC

At 'Found new hardware prompt' click 'No' or if there is the option, click 'never ask...'

  • If you are running XP, you need at least V2.02.04 of the driver.
  • If you are getting an 0x22 error on startup, you haven’t set: [ABTCP]Polltime=10

Checking WINRT

Goto: ‘Start’ | ‘Run’ | ‘cmd’, at the command prompt type:
Net Start WinRT

  • If you get: “The requested service has already been started”, t his means WinRT is installed on the machine, and probably OK.
  • If you get: “error 1450”, y ou need to add the following registry entry:

        KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinRT\Wi nRTdev0\Parameters\Section0 
        A REG_DWORD named "AllowConflict" and set it to 1.

  •  If you still could not start the WinRT service, go to 'Device Manager' under 'Non-Plug and Play Drivers' (click ‘View’ > 'Show Hidden Devices')
    • Ensure that WinRT is listed here, if not, skip to ‘Reinstalling WinRT’
    • If it is listed, ensure the service is set to ‘Automatic’

Re-installing WinRT

If WinRT is listed in Device manager, right click and select uninstall, then…

  • Go to RegEdt32, delete the following key and all subkeys (some keys may not be able to be deleted, this is OK)
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinRT
  • Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers - Delete the WinRT.sys file
  • Reinstall the Citect CiKT driver Pack, which will reinstall the WinRT service.
  • A restart may be required.

Further Troubleshooting

Please refer to the attached PDF for in-detail instructions on what is happening when Citect installs the CIKT driver, this will help whilst debugging your installation, and will point towards what step is failing.