Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx, 7.0r1

I am using OPC driver v1.15.18.1. I noticed that the initialisation process can be very long (5 to 20 minutes) for all my units to be brought online and my items activated.

This was much faster with OPC v1.11.13.0


Several fixes have been made in OPC v1.16.01.000 (experimental) relating to the following problems:

- problem where OPC items can be deactivated too early on a redundant setup. This can cause the redundant IOServer to be very slow to start up. 

- slow initialisation process when using multiple channels (usually over 10 different channels).


These modifications are not yet available within a released driver, but can be shipped as a hotfix (>v1.16.01), if needed.