Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA  Drivers made between 03/08 and 05/08

I cannot start up Citect, and I am getting the following error:

"Driver '<DriverName>' not initialized. Do you want to shutdown now?"


The driver build process has changed lately, and if a customer installs a new driver (made in the last 2-3 weeks) and they do not have the VC++ 2005 redistributables installed, they will not be able to use ANY drivers, getting this error on startup:

The workaround (until driver builds are fixed) is to install these distributables from:

Since there are various other scenarios where this can occur, it can be confirmed that this is the cause, by looking in the Windows Event Viewer ('Start' > 'Run' > 'EventVwr') and looking for SidebySide errors relating to the DrvUtils.dll / DriverConfigInfo.dll.