Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

If you have [Page]MaximizeOnCreation = 1 (default) and [Page]DynamicSizing = 0 (default for projects based on CSV_Include), then when you call WinNewAt, or CSV_MM_WinNewAt to create a new window, the window will be maximized by default (regardless of its size).  The coordinates at which you create the window will become the window's 'restored' or 'normal' window position: the position that the window returns to after it is restored from being maximize or minimized.  Therefore if you create your window in position A (e.g. off-screen), and then call call WinPos() to move the window somewhere else (e.g. on-screen), and you minimize and restore the main window, your popup window will revert to being displayed in the original 'restored' or 'normal' location (which could be off-screen if that was where the window was originally created).    

This is normal windows behaviour that you need to be aware of when working with window positioning in Cicode.  Never call WinPos to move a window that is maximized.