Applies To:
  •  VijeoCitect 7.0r3

A new feature in VijeoCitect v7.0r3 allows me to import my Unity Pro tags into VijeoCitect. This is SpeedLink.

This tool also allows me to generate automatically my alarm and trend tags, by setting the custom field of my variable in Unity.

For instance, setting the "custom" field to a "VJA" would result in the creation of a digital alarm in VijeoCitect, and VJT to a Trend tag.

This is fully documented in VijeoCitect v7's help.

However, I tried to define an array of 10 BOOLS in Unity Pro, and set the custom field to "VJA".

An array of 10 Digital tags is created in Citect, as expected.

However, 10 digital alarms should also be created as a result of the custom filed being set to "VJA" . This not the case: only one digital alarm linked to my array name, and not to my array elements. What can I do to fix the problem?  

VijeoCitect help file mentions the TagGen.xml file which I can customize to fit my specific requirements (create analog alarms, advanced alarms, ...).

However, the TagGen template has not yet implemented the capability of generating multiple records in one output section for one single input record.

You will therefore not be able to use the custom field functionnality with arrays. Only with single variables.