Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

Graphics builder may be very slow to open up a graphics page or is unable to open up the page at all.  

This problem may be due to superfluous entries being added to the pgtouch.dbf and the pgdynobj.dbf. These files can become very large and slow down citect's design and runtime environment. Check the project directory for files which may have become unusually large.

The pgtouch.dbf and pgdynobj.dbf can be opened in Excel and saved using the save_dbf.xls macro (See CitectSCADA help regarding editing DBF files in Excel)

Typically the superfluous entries can be identified as having the number 0 in the AN number column. These can be deleted. Article Q4564 provides other instructions how to completely blank the pgdynobj.dbf file.

It is advised after modifying the pgtouch.dbf or the pgdynobj.dbf to pack the project, update pages, pack libraries and do a full compile.