Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.0 onwards
  • CitectHMI 6.0 onwards


The primary and standby view file paths they are not retained if I change page after setting their values in the Process Analysts’ properties window.



The process analyst uses configuration files to set the pens and other properties of the object. These .pav view files are managed in the Process Analyst using; the local directory, My Documents, or a redundant pair of file paths.

The My Documents options will always be available to the user when the save and open dialogs are opened. However, when the open dialog is used and either the primary or primary and secondary paths have been configured the local path will not be available. The local path will only be displayed in the open dialog when the primary or primary and standby are not available. Alternatively the Save dialog will always show the My Documents path and the local path only. If the primary or primary and standby are configured and the local directory is selected the file will be saved to the local path as well as the primary and standby if configured.

Because the Process Analyst takes advantages of the ActiveX functionality in Citect it must be re-configured each time that the object is displayed on a page. As a result if the primary and standby paths are set in runtime with the properties window they are not retained when Citect restarts, or after changing pages. Setting the ActiveX object to persistent will allow the values to be retain during page transitions but they would still be lost at re-starts.

The best way to set the primary and standby redundant file paths is to prepare a simple cicode function that can be called each time the page is opened using the ‘on page show’ event. The function would include two lines similar to the following.

//Create a handle to reference the object
OBJECT hAnalyst = ObjectByName("CSV_PA");

//Set the objects primary path property
_ObjectSetProperty(hAnalyst, "PrimaryPath", "\\Comp1\Primary");