Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

An error message is displayed at runtime "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, Assertion failed" and the 'File:' points to ProScada

The syslog.dat shows the following error:

Fri Feb 15 11:29:00 2008 03:15:34.598 Error: General error
READ     0008 NZS_IO1_PSD     SB_PLC                 SB_PLC:A0000.1     1
Generic 000008 Driver 00000258 (0x00000102)


From the driver help error 0x00000102 relates to an PROSCADA_COMMS_ERROR. This is a communications error in the backend of the driver and will normally be associated with red crosses next to the IO block and corresponding messages in the backend log. It is the result of non contiguous blocks of IO configured in the PLC and not reflected in the backend.

Non contiguous blocks of data should be configured seperatly in the backend such as A0-A1, I2-I3, A4-A5 and not A0-A5

Alternatively this can be resolved by using the PSDIRECT6 driver.