Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.x


I am running v7 in multi-process mode.
I configured my alarms to be logged into an alarm device.

However, when I run my project, some of the alarm device files are created on my hard drive (eg .001, then .004), but not in the right order, and not at the period that I specified im my device form. It also seems that not all my alarms are logged into the device.

When I run my project in single process mode, all my files are created in the right order, and I can fidn all the alarm data.


In v7, two fields were added to the device field - clustername and process - in order to restrict which processes or clusters contain an instance of this device.
If you run your project in multi-process mode, you will therefore need to specify which cluster you want the device to be accessed by, and you need to set the Process field to "Alarm_Server" if this is an alarm device.