Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.0
  • Vijeo Citect 7.0


I am getting a Hardware alarm on startup telling "No Server could be found" for the single alarm server defined in a single cluster but it does disappear after few seconds. How can I avoid this?


When defining a Alarm server in V7.0 the help file says that the alarm server needs to be associated to a cluster and network address. The mode can be left blank and by defualt it considers itself to be the Primary Alarm Server if there is only one server defined in the project. But this setup will throw the Hardware Alarm "No Server could be found" pointing to the Alarm Server defined in that cluster as shown below


But however this alarm would disappear after 10-20 sec. This is basically happening because as soon as Citect starts up the Alarm server is taking some time to look if there is any other alarm server on the network and after few seconds when it doesnt find another alarm server it considers itself to be the Primary Alarm Server. So its more of a timing issue.

In order to avoid the above hardware alarm the mode (Primary) needs to be selected in the Alarm Server form even though you have a single Alarm Server defined in the project.This will help the only Alarm Server to set istelf as the primary during the startup itself and doesnt throw any more Hardware Alarms.