Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.0

If you call the DspKernel() Cicode function to bring up the CitectSCADA Kernel at runtime, it will only bring up the kernel window for the Client component if CitectSCADA 7.0 is running in Multi-Process mode. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this function to display the kernel window for a server component (i.e. Alarm, Report, Trend or I/O Servers) in Multi-Process mode. Furthermore, using MsgOpen and MsgRPC to execute the DspKernel Cicode function on the actual server process will not work. 

As a workaround, you can copy the Cicode file in the attached ZIP file into your project, and then call the ShowKernel Cicode function from a button on a page. The ShowKernel function expects 1 argument and that is a string expression containing the name of the CitectSCADA component you wish to show the kernel window for. This can either be Client, Alarm, Report, Trend or IOServer. Below is an example of each:

ShowKernel("Client") !This will show the Client kernel window
ShowKernel("Alarm") !This will show the Alarm Server kernel window
ShowKernel("Report") !This will show the Report Server kernel window
ShowKernel("Trend") !This will show the Trend Server kernel window
ShowKernel("IOServer") !This will show the I/O Server kernel window

Please note that this workaround is only intended for CitectSCADA 7.0 and may not work in future versions as it is based on deprecated kernel commands. It is also important to know that, if you have Clustered any servers and are running 2 or more server components of the same type on the one PC, this function will only bring up the kernel window for server component of the first cluster.