Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I want to create a template page by customizing the CSV_include template page, basically having my own template by editing from the CSV_include template. 

It is advisable that we create a new project as our own "include" project. We can then copy the base template from CSV_include pages (xp_style - normal, etc) and RENAME it (for our custom template).

By having our own "include" project, we can then edit the template page we have copied as we prefer.

This is advisable because when we modify the template page from the CSV_include, it will get overwritten when there is version upgrade in citect, it will cause problems and inconvenience. Having our own "include" project which have customized templates will be beneficial as it is reusable in any version.

Finally, we can have our own "include" project along with CSV_include project to be used in any project.