Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx


How to make symbols on a page return to their default OFF status when a communications failure occurs to the IO Device the Symbol is associated with.



If the symbol is only associated with one Tag on an IO device, when the IO device is offline, the symbol is showing ON and #com (providing the previous value is ON). If we try to visit the page again, the symbol becomes OFF with #com.

In order to make the symbol showing the correct status, another parameter need to be added. This can be achieved by using Cicode function:

IODeviceInfo( ).

In the [ON symbol when] field in graphic builder, fill in:

Tag AND IODeviceInfo(“IODevice Name”, 10)=”1”

The symbol will become OFF with #com when communication fails.

In CitectSCADA V7, the functionality of the ON/OFF symbol has been enhanced and the extra parameter is not required anymore.