Applies To:
  • CIKT Driver

CIKT Driver not supported on Windows 2003 R2, updated Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista onwards. 

The CIKT driver users the legacy WinRT user mode driver framework to communicate with (P)KTX cards. Security enhancements and driver model changes have made this underlying technology of the CIKT driver unsupported. It uses the Win32 API function DeviceIoControl to communicate with the kernel mode component of the WinRT framework. It does this using IOCTL structures, one of the core structures used in Windows drivers. The CTL_CODE that WinRT uses in these requests are FILE_ANY_ACCESS. Security changes incorporated into updates to Windows Server 2003, and part of Windows Server 2003 R2 have forced drivers which use these to check access rights first using IoValidateDeviceIoControlAccess. Since WinRT does not check this these calls fail.

Other significant changes to driver models and permissions means that CIKT and WinRT are similarly not supported on Windows Vista and Server 2008. The interested reader can learn more by checking the link below "Windows Security Model: What Every Driver Writer Needs to Know"