Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.x, 7.0
  • CitectHMI 6.x, 7.0


I have some expressions defined in my Graphics object and Genies. How do I search for expressions defined in the properties of Genies and Graphics objects.



The Genie entries (when its created) are placed in the .CTM type library files (located in <Citect installation directory>/User/<Project Name>), so they can use the function "Strings" (as defined below) which can be downloaded from Microsoft website. For normal graphic objects the entries are placed in .CTG files and Pgdynobj.DBF file. In order to edit the DBF file they need to manually open the Pgdynobj.DBF file and edit the expression (use Excel formulas). The below command should work fine for .CTM and .CTG files. So using this command and editing Pgdynobj.DBF manually should bring up all the expressions defined in Genie and graphics object properties used in the project.

String –n 127 * .ct * > C:\Test.txt

The above sample command grabs all the expressions that are bigger than 127 characters and it puts the details in the file Test.txt in C drive which makes easier to refer to instead of displaying it in the command prompt window.

We need to download the file "Strings" from the location and copy it to the C:/Windows/System32.

NOTE: Please note that if we are using Carriage return in the expression the above function will not as it will assume the expression after carriage return as a new expression.