The "Pulse()" function no longer seems to function properly when called from popup page or supergenie.

My digital tag gets switched on properly, but is never switched off. 


This problem would only occur if the popup page or supergenie is closed before the Pulse function is complete, i.e. before the digital tag is switched back off. (by default 2 seconds after the bit was switched on.) 

This issue has been fixed in 7.10 SPK1. 


Currently there is a workaround which can be used the first workaround is for popup pages and the second workaround can be used for Supergenies.

  • The following workaround can be used for Popup pages. Please note this workaround only works for Popup pages and cannot be used for Supergenies you will get a compile error when "Unknown dba error" when used with supergenies.

Label Name: Pulse(arg)
Expression: Pulser(GetVarStr(arg,name))

Then, create a cicode function as below:






This allows the Pulse to be processed by cicode removing it from any problem caused by the popup pages being closed. 

  • For Supergenies you can use the following workaround but it involves some rework on the project. Add a new label as shown below

Label Name: AssPulse(arg)
Expression: Pulser(AssInfo(arg,0))

And change the references on the pages from Pulse(?String 1?) to AssPulse(1).


Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.0, 7.1 
  • CitectHMI 7.0, 7.1