Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA


Below is the standard set of OPC / COM error codes.

Error Integer Value Description
Fail 0x80004005 Unspecified error.
False 0x00000001 Partial success.
InvalidArg 0x80070057 One of the passed arguments was invalid.
NoInterface 0x80004002 The interface is not available.
NotImpl 0x80004001 The method is not implemented.
OK 0x00000000 No error occurred.
OpcBadRights 0xC0040006 The Items AccessRights do not allow the operation.
OpcBadType 0xC0040004 The server cannot convert the data between the specified format/ requested data type and the canonical data type.
OpcClamp 0x0004000E A value passed to WRITE was accepted but the output was clamped.
OpcDataQueueOverflow 0x00040404 Indicates that not every detected change has been returned for this item. This is an indicator that servers buffer reached its limit and had to purge out the oldest data. Only the most recent data is provided. The server should only remove the oldest data for those items that have newer samples available in the buffer. This will allow single samplings of older items to be returned to the client.
OpcDeadbandNotSet 0xC0040400 The item deadband has not been set for this item.
OpcDeadbandNotSupported 0xC0040401 The item does not support deadband.
OpcDuplicateName 0xC004000C Duplicate name not allowed.
OpcInUse 0x0004000F The operation cannot be performed because the object is being referenced.
OpcInvalidConfigFile 0x3FFBFFF0 The server's configuration file is an invalid format.
OpcInvalidContinuationPoint 0xC0040403 The continuation point is not valid.
OpcInvalidFilter 0xC0040009 The filter string was not valid
OpcInvalidHandle 0xC0040001 The value of the handle is invalid. Note: a client should never pass an invalid handle to a server. If this error occurs, it is due to a programming error in the client or possibly in the server.
OpcInvalidItemID 0xC0040008 The item ID doesn't conform to the server's syntax.
OpcInvalidPid 0xC0040203 The passed property ID is not valid for the item.
OpcNoBuffering 0xC0040402 The server does not support buffering of data items that are collected at a faster rate than the group update rate
OpcNotFound 0xC0040011 The requested object (e.g. a public group) was not found.
OpcNotSupported 0xC0040406 If a client attempts to write any value, quality, timestamp combination and the server does not support the requested combination (which could be a single quantity such as just timestamp), then the server will not perform any write and will return this error code.
OpcPublic 0xC0040005 The requested operation cannot be done on a public group.
OpcRange 0x3FFBFFF5 The value was out of range.
OpcRateNotSet 0xC0040405 Indicates that there is no sampling rate set for a particular item. In this case, the item defaults to the update rate of the group.
OpcUnknownItemID 0xC0040007 The item ID is not defined in the server address space (on add or validate) or no longer exists in the server address space (for read or write).
OpcUnknownPath 0xC004000A The item's access path is not known to the server.
OpcUnsupportedRate 0x0004000D The server does not support the requested data rate but will use the closest available rate.
OutOfMemory 0x8007000E Not enough memory could be allocated to complete the method.

Codes from 0X0200 through 0X7FFF are reserved for future OPC use. Codes from 0X8000 through 0XFFFF can be vendor specific.

Note a more complete list of COM errors is in KB Q5030