The following files have been updated by this Service Pack.























USB License keys

In order to use Citect USB license keys, you will need to upgrade your Rainbow Sentinel Driver. Driver version 5.39.2 is supplied by Rainbow Technologies to Support USB keys for operating systems that support USB. The driver will also work with non-USB keys on Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

This Citect Service Pack installs a file called RAIN5392.EXE which you can run to install the latest Rainbow Sentinel Driver.

If you already have an existing Sentinel driver installed, you may need to remove it from the Add or Remove Programs applet in Windows Control Panel. You can then install with the supplied RAIN5392.EXE.

This Service Pack fixes the following problems:

* NCR 11054 - Kernel now logs driver details at startup.

When drivers are loaded in Citect, these are now logged to the kernel window and syslog.dat. An example is :

Fri Jun 07 09:30:19 2002 Unitel Driver v2.01.02.000 driver loaded from E:\citect_541\bin\UNITEL.DLL

DLL modification time is 12:05:12 Wednesday, 15 May 2002, file size is 42736 bytes

Driver base address 0x60c20000, Common Parameters:

MaxPending=2 Block=24 Retry=3 Delay=0 Timeout=4000 PollTime=0 WatchTime=30000

* NCR 18017 - Shift+Delete no longer cuts text in Cicode Editor.

Instead of cutting text Shift+Delete deletes text in Cicode Editor.

* NCR 18255 - Graphics Builder.

If you create a new unlinked page and then try to open another page Graphics Builder will crash.

* NCR 18273 - Password encryption with AnsiToOem.

Some passwords can not be used correctly when the INI setting AnsiToOem is used.

* NCR 18276 - TrnEventSetTable.

The TrnEventSetTable Cicode function does not work correctly when the EventNo parameter is zero. New data cannot be appended to existing data - it just overwrites the old data.

* NCR 18286 - Genie Substitution Limit.

The Genie Substitution Limit has been increased to 254.

* NCR 18304 - Improvements to the [debug]drivertrace= option.

The traces now identify the protocol and Ports & Units are not displayed if they are not part

of the driver call function.

The existing KB article Q3532 has been revised .

* NCR 18361 - Remote I/O connection may be disconnected prematurely.

Citect automatically disconnects a forced (IODeviceControl() type 7) connection made to a device which is already connected on a scheduled connection.

* NCR 18391 - AlarmDisable.

Citect may fail to restore alarms properly following a shutdown.

* NCR 18430 - Areas and Priviledges in UserSetStr() and UserUpdateRecord() CiCode functions.

When using UserSetStr and UserUpdateRecord Cicode functions, if the user's areas or privileges are modified then these changes are not reflected until citect is restarted.

* NCR 18433 - Citect exception handler may not function properly.

Drwtsn32.log may not show the correct crash address because of a malfunction of Citect exception handler.

* NCR 18505 - Writing to alarm properties may fail.

If you write to the properties of a number of alarms consecutively, eg. to acknowledge alarm by setting alarmtagname.ack = 1, not all of them will succeed.

* NCR 18515 - Corruption of Pages, Templates, Genies, Symbols and Super Genies.

There is a possibility that during saving, corruption to Pages, Templates, Genies, Symbols and Super Genies can occur.

* NCR 18520 - Citect's SPC subgroups are too small.

When performing SPC calculations, Citect only allows sample groupings to be no more than 25 data samples per group. This has been increased to 40.

* NCR 18526 - Regular #COMs may appear in Citect runtime.

A Citect I/O Server which is experiencing slow network connections or displaying complex graphics pages may cause regular #COMs.

* NCR 18529 - View | Configuration.

The "View | Configuration" menu item in Citect Explorer opens the wrong "Citect.ini" file. If the current project has a "Citect.ini" file in its project directory and the -i parameter is not used to explicitly specify which "Citect.ini" file is being used, then "View | Configuration" will default to the "Citect.ini" file in the project directory and not the one in the Windows System Directory as it should.

* NCR 18531 - Citect may crash when displaying trends.

Citect may crash while opening a trend popup.

* NCR 18550 - External Properties incorrectly written throughout a file.

"External Properties" may be written to the wrong place within a ctg file.

* NCR 18556 - Citect may crash during the dialout to a remote dial-up device.

Citect may crash very occasionally when it tries to connect to a remote dial-up device.

* NCR 18593 - Very large memory usage and slow animation in Citect32.

In some cases Citect may allocate very large amounts of memory and appear to stall intermittently.

* NCR 18618 - The default [debug]syslogsize= has been changed to 2000 (2Meg) from 300 (300k).

To ensure more information is in the syslog before it is re-cycled.

* NCR 18629 - The default [kernel]errorbuffers= count has now been changed to 200 from 4.

This was done to ensure traces where not lost to the syslog.

* NCR 18636 - GPF during shutdown of Citect.

When shutting down Citect a GPF may occur if a shutdown function or shutdown event is not defined in your project.

* NCR 18642 - A new driver DCB check is now possible besides the [ioserver]dcbprotect=1 .

With [debug]drivercheck=1 set, the DCB is checksummed

On return the checksum is checked as well as a flag at the end of the DCB buffer . e.g.

*** WARNING: DriverCheck=1 DCB->buffer overrun ***


*** WARNING: DriverCheck=1 DCB corrupted/changed ***

Not all instances of this may be fatal or an issue, eg, most drivers ONLY clear the buffer for 256 bytes, however if a driver cleared the whole buffer of 554 bytes, then expect this error.

* NCR 18648 and NCR 18687 - Citect may crash when running on Terminal Server.

A second instance of Citect running on a terminal server may crash.

* NCR 18655 - Mitsubishi MXChange Tag Browsing Enhancements.

1) The User ID has been set to "Admin" and grayed out;

2) Only active databases on running MXChange servers are displayed;

3) Only Citect nodes in active databases on running MXChange servers are displayed.

* NCR 18656 - 'Browse' button not working on the I/O Devices extended form.

The Tag browsing dialog is not displayed when the "Browse" button is pressed on the I/O Devices form.

* NCR 18657 - Mitsubishi MXChange Tag Browsing ignores the password.

Tag browsing permits access to the MXChange database even if the password that is entered during login is incorrect.

* NCR 18658 - Citect Alarm Logging may not complete logging of the current line.

Citect Alarm Logging does not complete logging of the current line in the log file until the next line is written.

* NCR 18668 - Citect may crash if calling ParameterGet very frequently.

There is a chance that Citect may GPF very intermittently if the project uses the Cicode function ParameterGet very heavily together with a large number of network connections.

* NCR 18697 - Citect GPFs when sorting Time Stamped Alarms.

When Sorting is enabled and [Alarm]SummaryMode = 1 or 3 Citect will crash when the Alarm Summary List grows to the size of [Alarm]SummaryLength.

* NCR 18794 - AttributeClass function returning the wrong class.

There are occasions when the automation interface function AttributeClass returns the class Genie when in fact the object is of type Symbol. This behaviour is no longer exhibited.

* NCR 18803 - Corruption of CTG files may occur.

If minor modifications are made to Graphics Builder files then corruption may occur. This can result in "file read" errors.