Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.0
  • CitectHMI 7.0
  • CitectFacilities 7.0
  • CitectSCADA Batch 7.0
  • CitectSCADA Pocket 7.0


Modnet parameter Block doesn't seem to work at the port level.  


When you use the parameter [Modnet.Portname]Block for setting different block size for different ports doesn't seem to work in V7.

From V7 the blocking for any driver is done at the IOServer level which means setting the Block at the port level will not work. The following parameters in Modnet will work at the port level:

MaxBitsMaxBitsExt InitVar FileNumber StringReverse RegisterBitReverse FloatMode LongDataType SendBCDSwap PresetMultiRegistersOnly ForceMultiCoilsOnly OnlineTestExceptionMask TransactionExceptionMask

The Timeout and block will not work at portlevel.

The workaround to control block for different ports is by using the MaxBits parameter. By modifying the Maxbits parameter we can control the Block size accordingly.