Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI
  • CitectFacilities


It is not valid to include comments on the same line as parameters in the citect.ini file. In many situations this may not be seen to cause any issues, however it can cause hard to identify problems and should be avoided.

an example:


works OK but stopped working when changed to

DriverTrace=VER !test

Commenting out an entire line however, is still a valid thing to do.


The reason for this behaviour is the Windows API call used is GetPrivateProfile, which will return everything after the equal (=) as the value of the parameter. I.e. any text appearing after a value gets treated as part of the value itself. Note that while TABs are stripped out completely, spaces are left in place, neither is a valid way to put a comment on the same line as a parameter.

It should be noted that there really is no such thing as a comment in an ini file, you are just creating a parameter that is not matched to anything the program is looking for. This is why you may see various things used for the effect of a comment, #, !, // etc.