Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.10
  • CitectHMI 7.10
  • Vijeo Citect 7.10
  • CitectFacilities 7.10
  • CitectSCADA Batch 7.10


Citect Runtime can take several minutes to start in a specific configuration. This configuration is when no Internet access is available or the PC is not part of a domain.
The reason is due to Security Certificate revocation (CRL) checks. Vista support requires .NET DLLs to be signed. This signing normally means that at startup, .NET checks to see if the Certificate has been revoked. This requires Internet access or access to the domain group CRL files. After 2 minutes the system continue running if the check cannot be done. Once the check is done, the default re-check time is every 20 days.

Note: This problem can occur on operating systems other than Vista. 


Microsoft recommends disabling CRL checking as a workaround by disabling this option in Internet Explorer. Use the following steps to disable the CRL checking in Internet Explorer:

Select Start»Control Panel.

Double-click Internet Options.

Select the Advanced tab.

In the Security section, uncheck the Check for publisher's certificate revocation option.

By disabling the CRL checking using the Internet Options, you are not exposing yourself to a security threat because this check is not working. The reason why this problem is showing up is because your network settings are not allowing Windows to access the CRL.