Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.00


HF700R138020 for Citect Version 7.00 R1. Make sure you have

This hotfix provides an enhancement for:

Bug 38020 - ScrollBar is added to the popup window when its resized in runtime.

Additions included in this enhancement:

The following parameters define default Citect behavior when displaying
horizontal and vertical scroll bars. When set to 1, scroll bars are displayed
if the window size dictates they are required. When 0, scroll bars are

[Page]AllowHScrollBar=[0|1] (default 1)
[Page]AllowVScrollBar=[0|1] (default 1)

The following parameters define default Citect behavior for horizontal and
vertical scrolling. When set to 1, scrolling is enabled. When 0, scrolling is

[Page]AllowHScroll=[0|1] (default 1)
[Page]AllowVScroll=[0|1] (default 1)

There are 4 new Modes (argument 3) supported that can be used in conjunction
with existing Modes:

16384  - Hide the horizontal scroll bar.
32768  - Hide the vertical scroll bar.
65536  - Disable horizontal scrolling.
131072 - Disable vertical scrolling. 

Files Affected:
  • FUNC0.DBF                                            Copy to Citect/bin
  • Client.dll                                                Copy to Citect/bin
  • CtCicode.dll                                           Copy to Citect/bin
  • CtCmp32.exe                                         Copy to Citect/bin
  • CtDraw32.exe                                        Copy to Citect/bin
  • CtEdit32.exe                                          Copy to Citect/bin
  • CtBack32.exe                                         Copy to Citect/bin
  • CtApi.dll                                                Copy to Citect/bin and Common Files/Citect
  • CiTrendArchiveFileOffset.dll                       Copy to Common Files/Citect
  • CiTrendArchiveFileOffset8Byte.dll               Copy to Common Files/Citect
  • CiTrendArchiveInterpolator.dll                    Copy to Common Files/Citect
  • CiTrendManager.dll                                  Copy to Common Files/Citect
  •    Copy to WebServer/Client/700