Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.00

HF700R139823 for CitectSCADA v7.00

This hotfix provides a fix for:

Bug 36446 - AlarmComment() function does not work in v7.
Bug 37391 - Tags not subscribed at start of cicode function
Bug 38169 - local variable displayed on page causes all other elements on the page not to be displayed
Bug 38361 - Memory device tag causes all other elements on the page not to be displayed
Bug 34831 - Trend Memory Corruption Crash
Bug 36647 - heavy traffic on v7 on a display client.
Bug 39823 - Combined Hotfix request  

Files Affected:
  • CiTrendArchiveInterpolator.dll                                                   Copy to Common Files/Citect
  • HF700R139823.bat                                                                 Citect Global Assembly Cache installer for hotfix HF700R139823
  • Citect.Platform.DatasourceDevelopmentKit.BaseDatasource.dll        Install using HF700R139823.bat
  • Client.dll                                                                               Copy to Citect/bin
  • IOConnectors.dll                                                                    Copy to Citect/bin
  • IoServer.dll                                                                           Copy to Citect/bin
  •                                   Copy to WebServer/Client/700