Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.0
  • CitectHMI 7.0


The SQL implementation in Citect does not support multiple OUTER JOINS. If you have multiple OUTER JOINS in your SQL statement, it may produce error such as the following:

Exemsg = -3100 [Mircrosoft][ODBC dBase Driver] Syntax error (missing
operator) in query expression 'dbo_Circ.Meter_ID = [dbo_Load].Meter_

Is there any workaround in order to still have multiple OUTER JOINS in my SQL statement? 


In order to get around this problem, we have to create another database table as a temporary repository for data from two tables using the first outer join.

Then, create a second block of SQL statement to use the data in the temporary table and have that to be OUTER JOIN-ed to the data from the next table.

NOTE: For further information about SQL statement please refer to